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New website connecting Bristol students with Gloucester Road jobs

Submitted by anonymous on 01/09/2015

Wurkrs.com has just launched in Bristol. Our aim is to connect students with local jobs whilst they are at university. With university education more expensive than ever our students are more frequently having to get part time work alongside their degrees. This means that there is a ready supply of keen, reliable, intelligent and hard-working students eager to fill your job vacancies in the Gloucester Road area. This is where we come in.

Wurkrs.com is a completely free service that aims to make your hiring process as simple and pain-free as possible.  Simply sign up, post your job on our website and then sit back and relax.  We send your job out to our network of student wurkrs in your area that fit the bill and notify you when an interested wurkr applies.  Review them and choose the students that you want based on their feedback from previous jobs. If you need any further information from your wurkr such as qualifications or experience, you can discuss this upon application using our messaging feature.

Your chosen candidates will turn up at the time you specify and carry out your job for the price that you have agreed between you!

We know that as a business you do not want to spend your precious time trying to find suitable employees so let us do the heavy lifting for you. Wurkrs.com allows for your job to instantly be viewed by a huge pool of high quality talent. Why employ a student worker – well they are cheap, keen to impress and build their CVs and they are future graduates! Our students are keen to do a huge range of jobs from part-time shops assistants, to handing out flyers along Gloucester Road, to helping you tidy that pesky stock room and everything in between. Get university level educated employees whenever you need a job done. 

There are no fees, charges or commissions of any sort - wurkrs.com is completely free. You also get that warm fuzzy feeling by supporting your local students. So next time you are hiring, give wurkrs.com a try and find hard-working local students at great rates.

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