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Rickshaws In Bristol

Submitted by anonymous on 30/04/2015

I really love cycling and Bristol especially Gloucester Road, you might've seen me on my bicycle, so I'm starting a rickshaw company in bristol, including the basic taxi style service, I'm thinking of including a few other ideas, such as:

1.Courrier Service For Businesses Interested In Keeping Their Carbon Footprint Low

I'm thinking of carrying goods for businesses like possibly bakeries or flower shops that get their supplies locally or anything really in the early hours of the morning when there aren't so many passangers in the street.

2.Tourist Attractions

I'm constructing various tours with the longer one including many of the great sites in Bristol, and shorter, slower ones just around the various nearby areas of the city (For example a Gloucester Road tour, and a Waterfront tour.) and I'll be contacting the various tourist related people to organise some advertising.

3.Pub Crawls For Birthday Parties

I'm thinking of contacting the pubs that would be interested and maybe a fancy dress surplier too, when I have a few more rickshaws to do hen night /stag do and birthday parties with a specific route planned out, or maybe a few routes for the parties to chose from.

4.Daisy Chains And Flower Crowns For Everybody

I've got a friend who's going to make me daisy chains which are lovely to wear in the summer, and I'm going to possibly contact a flower shop that I could buy flowers off to make flower crowns from to sell to anyone who has a ride or just wants flowers, because flowers are aweeesomeee.


I'll probably have an update posted here in a week or two with a picture of the rickshaw and hopefully a website, depending on how productive I can be and how quickly I can push this through to get the loan for the rickshaw, insurance and possibly liscencing from the council when they get back to me on that one.


If you want to contact me about any of the above mentioned ideas if you have any input or pheraphs are a business looking for a courrier for your goods or supplies, drop me an email at: seanaw42@gmail.com