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lost generation of photographs....What Happened?

Submitted by anonymous on 17/04/2015


Here I am again,fresh from conversation with yet another customer who believes,that due to lack of regular printing and storage of digital media,we are going to have monumental problems in order to access an image of an event in the future.

It need not even be a distant past .It could be now and present.To those future generations we shall have very little to offer of a recorded pictorial past.

Lets Print more photographs.Lets record our present days so our tomorrows will not be just a faded memory or a distant recollection.

Time is unforgiving and ticks away.We need to remember that each generation up until the present one has had a legacy of photographs to relate to.

We are leaving the present generation empty handed and bereft.

I know this as a certainty since for over twenty nine years we have restored and rescued many historic and old black and white images brought to us from all over the world.from South Africa to India,From ireland to Newzealand.From archives of personal photographs of families to musuem pieces.The range has been incredible.

It has spun over a history of 110 years ago till this present moment.

Think about it. What have you printed and put away safely that you can hand over to your family,children, nieces or nephews?

It is needed and important to record our families and the essence of our everyday lives and trials.

Lets Print.